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Where Did It Come From?

Poker is a well known traditional card game originating from America. It is played in all casinos around the world. It is normally played for chips that have equivalent money value and can be cashed in, or actual money. The chips are used as a cash alternative in mainly all casino games as they are easier to distribute than real money.Poker Info

Poker includes several games such as Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Texas Hold ‘em is the most commonly known poker game and most online tables offer this.
Online poker has come a long way since the introduction of user friendly computers, tablets and mobile smartphones. There have always been concerns over launching poker on mobile smart phones, the concern was with real money gambling due to unstable connections signal. Since the creation of 3G and even 4G technology, real money poker is just as easy on the go than it is on your home PC or laptop. 

Poker tournaments are increasing and even have their own TV channels. This is always a good way to learn how the professionals play poker. Some of the biggest wins in the world come from live tournaments.

Poker Info TableAn American named Jamie Gold holds the record with the biggest prize pool (Total prize money from the tournament) and the sum stands at $82.512.162 yes that’s 82 million dollars or £53 million pounds!

With poker continuing to grow, all the main poker and betting sites have joined in and made apps available for you to download. You can see all the Android Poker Apps available For your mobile phone or tablet and also to claim free bonuses with every sign up.

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